Choosing a Mascot Costume for Your Business

Choosing a mascot costume is a massive decision and is probably one of the most important ones you will make when it come to your company branding. The mascot that [...]

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Carnival Costumes – Regional Winners

We are extremely proud to have won the regional competition for the best carnival queen, hosted by Derby Theatre. We produced the costume for Tactile, a dance group based in [...]

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Walkabout Puppets – Bring Your Performance to Life

A walkabout puppet is controlled by one or more puppeteer and appears as if it is walking or moving by itself. In some instances the puppeteers will be visible, in [...]

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Using Puppets in a Classroom

If you are a teacher, particularly of early years children, you have probably used puppets as a teaching aid. If you haven’t then you really are missing a trick! Hand [...]

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It’s Marathon Costume Season

As you can imagine, here at Promotional Props and Costumes, we love seeing people in wacky mascot costumes. One of the best places to catch them all frolicking about is [...]

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Our Favourite Panto Puppets

Christmas is just two weeks away which means panto season is well and truly underway. Think women dressed as men, over dolled up princesses, damsels in distress and plenty of [...]

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It’s Pantomime Costumes Season

It’s Pantomime season again! OH NO IT ISNT. OH YES IT IS!! We love this season at Promotional Props! There are few things more festive than going to watch a [...]

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Top 5 Christmas Mascots

Christmas time is here again, and that means people are going to be going out and dressing up to celebrate the festive time of year. Of course, some of those [...]

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The Benefits of Mascot Costumes

Mascot costumes are something that can be seen everywhere: in shops, dotted around a city centre and at all kinds of events. Wherever you go, it is never a surprise [...]

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