Movies have the ability to transport us into a new world; their realistic props, extravagant costumes and awe-inspiring sets make those new worlds a reality by populating the storyline. It’s no surprise then that some film props become iconic touchpoints in history, instantly recognisable even by those who have not seen the film they feature. This article will explore our top six famous film props of all time to celebrate how these objects have defined cinematic history.

famous film props

What Are Film Props and Why Are They Important?

Ultimately, a film prop is a theatrical property that actors can use during a performance on screen or on stage. They play a vital role in visually representing the storyline and enhancing its authenticity. Due to their importance, the most famous film props will be remembered long after a movie’s release. In fact, effective prop design can extend its influence beyond movie sets; from makeup to confectionary, the list below highlights some of the most famous film props and why they are cherished by movie fanatics across the world.

The Golden Ticket – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)

The Golden Ticket made its first debut in 1971, but it has continued to be one of the most famous film props of all time. Audiences that had the pleasure of watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory still dream of finding their very own Golden Ticket when tucking into a tasty chocolate bar. Lucky for us, renditions of the Golden Ticket have been used in various marketing campaigns by food giants like Nestlé, Taco Bell and Hertz.

The Lightsaber – Star Wars (1977)

A list of the most famous film props wouldn’t be complete without the lightsaber. It features in countless battles throughout the Star Wars saga, and was so loved by the producers and movie fans alike that when it was broken at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, prop makers repaired it so its legacy could continue.

DeLorean – Back To The Future (1985)

DeLorean, the iconic time machine, helped Back To The Future take off, quite literally! The prop is so well known that it even has an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to it.

the DeLorean from back to the future

The Red Balloon – IT (1990)

The bright red balloon featured throughout the IT films is symbolic of Pennywise, the disturbing clown antagonist. Based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel, the balloon is used by Pennywise to entice his young victims to their unfortunate demise.

The Snitch – Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Originally described in JK Rowling’s novels, the snitch is a golden ball approximately the size of a walnut. What makes this prop so magical is its fluttering golden wings. As one of the most famous film props of all time, many film fanatics have replicas of the original snitch that continues to enchant its audience even after two decades.

The Burn Book – Mean Girls (2004)

The creators of the Burn Book are the most popular girl group in North Shore High School – The Plastics. Fitting with the movie title, The Plastics use the large, pink book to create hurtful rumours and share gossip about their peers. As one of the most famous film props of all time, The Burn Book has since inspired an eyeshadow palette and makeup brush collection.