Performing as a character in a costume is an art, even if you are simply handing out flyers. It is worth remembering that characters with full heads often work best as silent performers.

What it takes to be a Mascot Performer

Having a great performer inside the costume will add a huge amount to the promotional success of your character.
Wearing the suit is only half the role; it requires enthusiasm and skill for the performer to become the character. Consider Comicon; many people take on the role of whoever they are cosplaying as and it shouldn’t be any different from a mascot performer.

Mascot Performer – Embracing the Character

A flat performance can drive away your customers or drive an audience away. Children respond well to overly dramatised arm movements and gestures. Just think of Pudsey Bear at Children In Need, throwing his arms open for a hug or hiding his head in his hands from embarrassment.

However, many children may be timid of some mascots due to their large size and unusual characteristics. Always stand at a distance and encourage the children to approach you. Do not attempt to walk over and greet kids. Use slower movements to prevent surprising more nervous children.

If performing for large audiences, it’s important that the mascot encourages audience participation. On occasion, this might mean making an ass out of yourself but no one can see who you are so there’s nothing to worry about.

An easy way to perform in a costume is to dance, providing there is music of course. If you’re character is synonymous with a certain dance routine like the Crazy Frog then the music may not be necessary.

At Promotional Props and Costumes, we do not currently supply performers for the costumes. We do suggest employing acting professionals whenever possible. We’ve made everything from lightweight waterproof costumes and mascot costumes, promotional costumes, classic character suits and corporate mascots for publishers and computer games companies.

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