If you are a teacher, particularly of early years children, you have probably used puppets as a teaching aid. If you haven’t then you really are missing a trick! Hand puppets are ideal for helping to develop language and communication skills in young children, and are a very useful classroom prop!

Puppets give children the freedom to express their feelings through the voice of a separate character. This can help to give shy children the confidence to develop and improve their speaking skills. Sometimes puppets can encourage the quietest pupils to start talking and can be very effective in the classroom.Using Puppets in a Classroom

Puppets can encourage PSHE (personal, social and health education) skills in a non-threatening way. Such how to wash your hands and why not to interrupt or bully other children. Puppets can inspire exciting and imaginative learning, as well as helping children with literacy skills and number work. They can be used to great effect in developing children’s empathy, communication skills and imagination. Using puppets in classrooms can support inclusion, conflict resolution and problem-solving!

Create a Puppet for Your Classroom

Do you want to create a special and unique character for your class to remember forever? Good places to start are lovable animal puppets like a puppy or kitten. Alternatively, you could try a mini-me puppet! (Which children tend to find hilarious). It’s sometimes a good idea to have two puppets, a girl and a boy for example. This is useful when developing communication and empathy skills.

Do you have a design in mind for a hand puppet or string puppet? As professional puppet makers and performers, we have vast experience in using various techniques, materials and designs to suit all requirements. Our experts can even advise you on where and how to progress. Our puppets are made cost effectively, functionally, and easy to use and operate! Put your ideas for your puppet into motion with us and contact Promotional Props and Costumes today!