We may make you the perfect mascot costume, but it’s up to you to wear it and make it work for you! To help you get the wearing a mascot costumebest from your mascot costume please have a look at the following quick tips to help bring your character to life!

Always have a chaperone with you when wearing a mascot costume. Your vision is restricted, so it is easy to trip, bump into things or fall over. The last thing you want is to put yourself in danger through wearing the costume.

Agree on some hand signals with your chaperone in advance. For example, you’ll want to let them know if you are getting tired, thirsty, too hot or need a bathroom break.

Don’t disclose who is wearing the costume. Stay in character and everyone will enjoy the experience more.

When wearing a mascot costume never remove any part of the costume in public. Especially the head, it’s a huge disappointment for children and adults alike and makes it forever unbelievable.

Stand up straight and proud! Don’t slouch in your costume because it can make you look sad and miserable!

Try and lift your legs high when you walk. It makes the character seem more alive and interesting and also stops you tripping Tips For Wearing a Mascot Costumeover!

Smile and be happy inside the costume! It may seem silly, but it really will show on the outside!

Make slower and more exaggerated movements than normal.

Avoid swimming pools or any deep water. Wearing a mascot costume can make you a target for a prank. Somebody may think it’s funny to push you in!

It can sometimes scare children if you make sudden or fast movements, so try not to move too fast around them.

Wearing a mascot can be hard work, especial in summer. Remove the head and have a regular break out of public view. It’s best to take a 5-minute break every 20 minutes to ensure you don’t overheat or become dehydrated.

Store your mascot out of view of the public – keep the magic alive!

If you’re looking to get a mascot that you can bring to life, get in contact with us! We can make a winning mascot for your specification and budget that everyone will love!