The average person encounters approximately 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements every single day. The saturated market of the modern world can make it difficult to stand out amongst competitors. Therefore, your marketing strategy must reflect what you do, your company’s identity and business values in a positive light. To help get your brand noticed, we have outlined how to effectively promote your company, both in a physical and digital space.

Get Your Brand Noticed


A company logo is the most significant representation of your brand; therefore, it’s essential to get it right. A logo should be a simple and recognisable asset that can be successfully transferred onto a variety of materials, from billboards to business cards, offline to online.

A great starting point when designing a logo is the colour scheme. The right colour choice can elevate a flat logo to create an unforgettable one. Choose shades that connect with your brand and elicit desired emotions in your customers. For example, yellow suggests optimism and approachability, black denotes professionalism and blue projects dependability and strength. A common mistake is to include a variety of mismatched colours, which only reduces the aesthetic appeal of your logo.

Website Design

It’s a great idea to keep your marketing collateral consistent. Once you have established your logo, extend these design considerations to your website. A website is one of the most valuable online marketing assets a business can have. It acts as the hub for important content such as blogs, products and your business ethos. Therefore, build a user-friendly website that mirrors your branding to help it stick in customers’ minds long after they have visited the site.

Email Marketing

To get your brand noticed and keep regular contact with clients, introduce email marketing into your marketing strategy. By delivering interesting and relevant content to subscribers, you are meeting their needs whilst increasing brand visibility.

Social Media

Most successful businesses have an active presence on social media. It acts as an accessible and cost-efficient marketing tool to announce vital business information to a huge and diverse audience. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook have global users from a variety of demographics. It’s a great place to broaden your customer reach.

Social media also allows companies to communicate directly with customers. Owners can reply to individual questions and, most importantly, rectify misunderstandings about their business in a professional and personal manner. Great customer service is crucial to make a positive and lasting impact. We advise assigning a trustworthy employee to monitor the social media channels and engage with customers in a timely manner.

Brand Ambassador

A great way to get your brand noticed offline is by creating a character to act as a brand ambassador. This character needs to be realistic to encourage buy-in from your customers. Investing in a promotional costume to bring your ambassador to life in a playful and memorable manner can be a cost-effective and fun marketing initiative. An authentic character can really connect with your customers and creates a reliable and trustworthy ‘face’ to your business.

Marketing Stationery

Mugs, USB chargers, pens, pencils and brochures will get your brand noticed. These items should be customer-centric and finished with your logo to remind users of your business when using the products. If you provide these as complimentary gifts, you can stand out for your competitors by showing your clients how much you value them.

Attention to detail and intelligent choices about what your brand should portray, how it should portray it and who to portray it to is essential. To increase the success of your business, you should have a positive presence online and offline to remain connected with a large proportion of your customers and get your brand noticed.