Choosing a mascot costume is a massive decision and is probably one of the most important ones you will make when it come to your company branding.

The mascot that you choose will become the face of your company. If successful, it will become the image that people think of where they think of your brand or hear your company name. The right mascot costume will make your business stand out and be memorable.

As one of the UK’s leading designers of bespoke mascot costumes, we understand what it takes for a mascot to be a success. Below you’ll find the key points to consider when choosing a mascot for your company.

Choosing a Mascot Costume – Practicalities

Practicality may not be an exciting place to start, but trust us, if the design you choose isn’t practical your costume will spend more time in the store cupboard than promoting your brand.

Your mascot costume needs to be;

Well-Made and Strong – A well-made costume should last years and still look great. Make sure you choose mascot designers carefully. Ask for examples of their work and if possible references from previous clients.

It Needs to be Wearable – That means breathable and lightweight! There’s no use having an amazing life-like mascot design if no one can bear to wear in for more than 2 minutes at a time!

It Needs to be Washable – If you have never been the person inside a mascot costume, you probably don’t fully appreciate this one. They can get hot, dirty and smelly quite quickly. It’s essential to have a costume that can be cleaned easily – because it will need to be cleaned!

It Needs to be Manoeuvrable – A mascot needs to be fun and interactive. The user needs to be able to move freely and easily and also have good vision from inside the costume.

Choosing a Mascot Costume – Design

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of mascot costumes are animals. That’s because people quickly identify what they are! (And people generally love animals.) Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to animals. Anything that people will be able to recognise and that suits your company image could potentially make a good choice.

As a starting point, you might want to consider something that is locally recognisable. For example, here in Nottingham, where we are based, you may go for something Sherwood Forest related, i.e.: Robin Hood, squirrels, owls, deers, etc.!

Try to stay away from personal things, or ‘inside jokes’ that the average person or potential customers might not understand. Mascots convey personality and introduce your company’s image. The ideal one will be prominent in people’s minds and make them remember your brand in a positive light.

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