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KrindleKrax - this puppet was 9 meters long from head to tail and was operated by 10 actors.

Our puppetry clients have included National Touring Theatre Companies and the likes of Central Television, UKTV, world pop tours and assorted TV and promo companies.

As professional puppet makers we have created and developed characters for promotional and educational videos and for
tourism and street theatre. Our puppets have been both simple and complex, large and small, for a variety of shows and performances.

Thomas - instructional video for  Seton Healthcare Group and the aplication of Tubifast Wet Wraps on young children with Atopic Eczema.As professional puppet makers, and performers, we utilize a variety of techniques and hard wearing materials to suit your individual requirements and design. We know how to get the best out of your character from practical exprience of working in puppetry as touring performers and studio artists.

Brown Eyes and Bandit - The UKTV Mierkat Puppets
he UKTV Mierkat Puppets
© Lupus Films '04

The Smallest Person, a puppet of only 19".
The Smallest Person '04
© Trestle Theatre Company

Robbie the Tiger - Robbie had to dance and do exercises in this promotional video.
The Tiger
© Animarge '03

One of a series of panto puppets, a Phonix in all it's forms.
Glowing Phoenix Puppet

Mikas 'World Tour' '07

We have made puppets ranging from the 9 meter long and 10 operator KrindleKrax Giant Crocodile and Mika's giant 'Day of the Dead' puppet, to 'The Smallest Person', a fully articulated rod puppet at a mere 19".

We have made expressive and hard wearing flocked rod puppets and have been asked to construct anatomical jointed stop motion characters, felt glove puppets as caricatures of celebrities, 'house sized' comic style characters, and even wooden marionettes.

Our puppets are made cost effectively, functionally, and easy to manipulate. We can do this in addition to incorporating the directors concepts and designers needs. Often our clients also require changes of clothes, spare parts, custom made props, and bespoke scenery to support their new character. These we can source and provide.

Promotional Props & Costumes have professional puppeteers on staff to take your ideas onto film or video if necessary, and can offer practical advice and help to professionals and individuals during commission. We're well experienced in developing charaters for stage, television, and for live action for interaction with customers etc.

As experienced puppet makers and performers, we can also offer help and advise in all aspects of design and construction. We can either work from an existing character concept or create a new one especially for you and down to your specific requirements.

We've helped many animation companys through the difficult transition between 2D animation and live action, with fantastic results.

Just ask, and we will do our best to help you.

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