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How much are the costumes?

Our costumes range in price from £700 +VAT (cigarette butt) to £3000 +VAT (Predator). We offer a sliding scale of discounts for 2+ identical costumes ordered at the same time.

What are they made from?

We use a variety of materials for fabrication, including high density foam, Vacuum formed plastic, Latex, Lycra, synthetic fur and Vinyl to name but a few…

Different styles of Characters will suggest different approaches.

litter mascot costumes'Packaging style' outfits (litter costumes/ toilet rolls/credit cards) would be best made with professionally printed vinyl and foam, A cuddly rabbit would be made from padded fur over a foam body-forma with a fur covered foam head.

We can advise on the best approach for your character.

How long will it take to make my costume?

It will usually take 4 to 6 weeks after th e deposit has been received. We do not start construction of any costume until confirmation has been received by the deposit payment.

Complicated or large orders may take longer. Multiples can also be ordered in batches to be delivered on a regular basis.

Occasionally we may be able to deliver faster, please contact us, If we can possibly help we will!

max the lion costumeDo you have costumes “in Stock” for Hire?

We do not hire out any costumes and we do not keep stock for immediate sale. Everything is designed and made to measure just for you.

Can you design a Character for our company from scratch?

We certainly can, many of our most successful Characters have been designed “In house”. Our Skilled Designers have all the experience necessary to create a character for your company which can be used on promotional material as well as becoming a 3D Character Costume Personality.

sun mascot sunshine costumeCan I have a well known character made? (such as Disneys Tigger, Bob the Builder etc.)

We do not own the rights to any licensed characters at the moment. This means that we can only produce Characters for which you own the design rights, or characters which have been designed by us.

Do you supply people to wear the outfits?

We do not currently supply performers for the costumes, However we would suggest employing acting professionals whenever possible. Performing as a Character in a costume is an art, even if you are just giving out flyers. It is worth remembering that Characters with full heads often work best as silent performers, like those in the Disney parks.

Having a great performer inside the costume will add a huge amount to the promotional success of your Character.

It is worth being aware that a costume can add a lot of height and size to the average person, for this reason we would suggest having a small performer (average sized female or smaller) for cute and approachable characters…

What size are the costumes?

A costume can be made to any size specification, however please bear in mind that generally one size cannot fit all.

When a costume may be worn by several people it can be constructed using either average female or average male as the basic model. If your character is obviously male the costume will be made for an average sized male unless otherwise stated. If your character is obviously female the costume will be made for an average size female, unless otherwise stated. If it is not obvious what sex the character is we will confirm whether you want it to fit an average sized male or female before starting construction.

Average female is 5'6 tall

Bust: 36B
Waist: 28”
Hip: 38”
Shoe Size: 6
Average male is 5'11 tall

Chest: 40”
Waist: 34”
Hip: 38”
Shoe Size: 10

If it is possible to create a costume to the actual performer's size, then this is best.

How much do they weigh?

The costumes vary considerably in weight. A padded Fur outfit will be considerably heavier and hotter to wear than a vinyl and foam one…

Estimate a fur mascot, (such as the kangaroo) would be 7kg and a vinyl one (like the chicken box) 2Kg.

How can I store them?

chicken costumeA waterproof carry bag can be provided upon request and we suggest the costumes are stored in these for protection while not in use.

Character heads, feet, and Vinyl costumes particularly take up a considerable amount of room and should not be squashed or stored with other objects on top. If mistreated they will distort out of shape or even break.

It is worth considering where the costume is going to be kept before ordering!

How long will the costume last?

With careful use and maintenance a costume should last many years. If a costume is in constant (every week) use or incorrectly used or maintained it won't survive as long.

Each outfit comes with a guide to it's use and this should be passed on and adhered to by every performer.

We can design and create specific costumes for unusual purposes (marathons/dance etc) but the purpose MUST be known before construction.

Can the costume be washed?

beaky mascot costumeEach costume comes with a guide to it's care, but as a rule of thumb we would suggest Vinyl and foam/latex costumes may be wiped down with warm soapy water, but do not use harsh solvents which may damage the prints or paint finish. Fabric items such as T-shirts and lycra leggings may be gently handwashed in soapy water.

Large fur costumes should be dry cleaned only. Fur heads may be brushed and any marks removed with spot dry cleaning fluid (test this on an inconspicuous area first)

Is the costume fire proof?

The mascots and costumes can be fire proofed upon request so long as this is specified at the initial design consultation.

Is there a discount for multiple costumes?

There certainly is! We offer a sliding scale of discounts for 2+ identical outfits ordered at the same time. Some groups of similar costumes, such as the Litter, may also include a discount when ordered as a set.

Please contact us for further details.

Can you deliver the costumes?

We can arrange delivery by carrier. There is an additional fee for this service, depending on the size of costume and your location.

Can you Provide costumes for over seas companies?

panto elephant costumeWe have many happy clients from around the world, ranging from Ireland to Dubai. Obviously it can be more complicated and take longer to arrange shipping etc but with advances in modern technology we are confident we can design, construct and deliver pretty much anywhere in the world.

Designing a Character Costume

Creating a costume From an Existing Logo

Many companies have an animated character as part of their logo or promotional design. These can be a great starting point for a character costume. Often with only minor adjustments they can easily be turned into a recognisable “real” character. It need not be a humanoid character, A heart, a phone, an animal, they can all be fun!

Some characters are more limited than others and will have to be adjusted further to fit an average human shape and allow the performer to maintain vision and mobility.

walkers character costumesIt is also important to remember that not all logos are suitable to be turned into a character costume. Sometimes a design may have to be altered so much to fit the proportions of a human shape, the original 2d design may be unrecognisable, and it may be better to consider alternative marketing strategies or a different character.

A Character Costume is exactly that, A costume. It has to be worn by a performer safely and with maximum potential for promotional purposes. Due to anatomical restraints some changes may have to be made, but we will do our utmost to remain faithful to the original design concept.

For example eyes may have to be enlarged, necks may be altered and the original dimensions of the logo or animation may also have to be adjusted

innocent smoothie mascotEg. A 6 foot high performer wearing a round ball that goes from his head to toes is also going to be 6 foot wide and 6 foot deep. This can create all sorts of problems getting through doors, seeing where he's going etc.

It is worth considering these limitations of your logo or animation before deciding on a costume, but we can always suggest design solutions to every problem.

Creating a costume is not the same as making an accurate scale prop of your character although we make every effort to capture it's essence.

We create a costume drawing for every character showing exactly how your logo or animation can be adjusted to fit an average human shape.

Points to think about are… could it be cuddly, furry or fleecy ? Or is it an object which would look good in printed vinyl ?

If the character is a human, are they wearing padded clothes, or normal sized clothes with a large character head, hands and feet.

eddie electra rocketsDoes it have hands or gloves. Does it need to give out leaflets? If it has padded gloves how many fingers should they have?

Does it have a face , if so, is it the face of the performer showing through (As in the litter costumes) or the characters face with the performer hidden, (as shown by the happy heart). If there is no face at all, how will the performer see out?

Are the feet large-character-feet, or the performers feet in normal shoes? Are there any steep stairs or other obstacles which would make wearing character feet impractical?

Creating a Character From Scratch

mika world tour puppetsIf you do not already have a logo suitable for a character but feel a costume would add to your market presence, For a further fee, we offer an additional design service to assist you create one.

During the creation process our skilled designers will create a character suitable for use on promotional material as well as transforming them into a Character costume…

A few basic questions help the design process initially…

Should the character be human, animal or an inanimate object?

Is it to appeal to children or adults?

Does it need to have your logo displayed on it?

Could the logo be on a t-shirt, sash, cloak or hat the character is wearing?

Does it need to function for a specific purpose (ie marathon run/ice skating)

Who will be wearing the outfit (male/female)

animal costumesFrom this initial consultation we will be able to suggest some concepts for you, incorporating any further ideas into a final design for your approval.

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