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- Hikes! Even more mascots! Here are a few more samples of our products with some basic information and guideline prices. The prices of our character costume usually range between £1200 to £1800 (plus P&P + VAT). If yo have any questions regarding any of our mascot costumes please give us a call or send us an email.

eddie electra rockets
wild animal mascots
Eddie & Electra Rockets
RSVP Entertainments
Colonel Badger, Mr Fox, Miss Bunny & Mrs Squirrel
animal costume
charisma credit card costume
house of fraser
pink bug mascot costume
vinny da vole
Underdog - MusicZone
Charisma Credit Card
Little Pink Bug
Vinny Vole - RSPB
news paper man mascot
mobile phone costume
captain kaos mascot
lizzie flower fairy costume
orange telephone mascot
Telegraph & Argus Mascot
Quizdom Costume
Captain Kaos
Lizzie the
Spellbound Fairy
Consumer Direct
big ears specsavers mascot
sexy zebra costume
micholob bottle costume
lets buy it ant mascot
Lady Zebra!
Michelob Bottle
burger costume
mr tayto costume
yum tums costume mascots
happy heart
Arbuckles Burger
Mr. Tayto Costume
Tayto Crisps
Happy Heart Mascot
berocca ninja character costume
dragon mascot
toilet costume mascots
sainsburys loo rolls mascot
Berocca Ninja for Berocca Boost
Toilet Costumes - Water Aid
Sainsburys Loo Rolls
beaky mascot costume
chicken costume
owl character costume
Our Infamous 'Big Chicken'
hungryhorse costume
recycle mascot
gateaux costumes
curly pig mascot
Hungry Horse Greene King
Recycle for Life
Mascot - Don't Bin It
Gateux Costumes - Premiere Foods
Curley Pig - Pig's Back
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Mascot Costumes
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