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We're here to help and offer you solutions.

We will advise you on the design of your chosen character or prop so that it is made from the most appropriate materials. We'll make sure it giant handhas the best visibility and manoeuvres and performs to the best of the designs ability.

If your budget is restricted we can offer alternative ways of getting the best from your character or prop - such as creating just the head, feet and hands or advising on alternative materials.

dark predator costumeIf you have special requirements (for example paint-balling character suits or floating props) we can often offer immediate help, or will research the subject in depth and try to accommodate all of your needs.

After we have created your individual character or prop we will advise you on how best to care for it plus how to clean it and store it so that it looks as good as new for as long as possible.

pheonix puppeteerIf you require an after sales service for upkeep and repairs then we can maintain the item for you, letting you concentrate on getting the most out of your new team member! Need you giant owl mascot costume to have different costumes for seasonal events? You'd be surprised the things we're asked for.

If you need to brighten up your presentations, wow your clients, or make a larger than life impression on the public, WE CAN HELP!!!

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