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Promotional Props and Costumes use a variety of techniques in constructing durable mascot costumes and adaptable promotional
The Predator Costume
Below are a few character and animal suits chosen to represent a cross section of our portfolio and to illustrate possibilities. We also offer a discount system for multiple mascot costumes of the same design, please ask for details when enquiring.

The Cutest Vole in The WorldOur eye-catching Predator costume was developed for a UK Paintball and Leisure Company as their main attraction for 2001/2002. Maximum freedom of movement, ultimate durability, easy cleaning and maintenance were key design factors, as the suit is used daily, outdoors and in all kinds of weather. Our commissions have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous...

...we've made everything from lightweight waterproof costumes of Comedy Dragons and mascot costumes of Bullfighting flame-resistant Dogs, to classic character suits and corporate mascots for publishers and computer games companies. We've worked on commisions for the likes of Argos, The AA, The RSPB, Innocent Drinks, Cadburys, Walkers Cristps, Flotex, Hovis, Niceday, Sainsburys, Rowntrees Nestle and more.

Classic Chicken SuitSometimes we're asked for character heads and feet as well as the whole character suit. If your budget is a little tight, or you have an existing costume but want a new head or footwear for it, this could be the perfect solution.

Whether for theatre, promotional use, fund raising or TV, all our costume is designed to be comfortable to wear, light, durable and easy to maintain.

Armour SamplesWe can also make the likes of Lightweight Custom Armour. Our well known range of theatrical armour has been developed especially for the theatre, opera, and the film industry. Each piece is made from lightweight, flexible and durable materials so that they are ideally suited to stage/film performance, film extra and stunt work. All sorts of finishes are possible, from metals to leather, fur to feathers! Straps can be fixed with traditional buckles, or poppers, Velcro or elastic. An ideal alternative to heavy and uncomfortable metal or Fiberglas.
Educational and Demonstration Costumes
We are often asked for Educational and Demonstration Costumes. These costume pieces are part of a much larger set that was commissioned to teach young children about energy. Made in lightweight foam, they are functional, fun and above all safe. These are ideal for the likes of health campaigns, tuition, and awareness projects.

We can either copy your existing character or design you a new one. Contact us with your requirements, WE CAN HELP!!!

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