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- We've made so many! So here are just a few samples of our products with some basic information and guideline prices. Characters vary in price, usually between £1200 to £1800 (plus P&P + VAT).

aa man mascot costume
topps tiles mascot costume
oaky owl mascot costume
walkers character costumes
AA Man Mascot
Oaky Owl - Oak Mall
max the loin costume
hovis hero suit
niceday dog mascot
munch bunch mascot
Max the Lion
Hovis Superhero
aliens in underpants
benu bird
bowling pin
brent goose
scooty solider
Very Berry Alien
Scotty Soldier
Very Berry Alien
wildlife badger costume
innocent smoothie mascot
snug bug outfit
chef character costumes
Snug Bug Mascot
Johnson, Mooney & O'Brien
ciggie butt costume
boston character costume
police kids costumes
cat mascot animal costume
Ciggie Butt
Boston Character Costume
Cheshire Police Kids
Kittens - Gwynedd Council
youngs fishfinger mascot
muller cow mascot
kangeroo costume
sun mascot sunshine costume
Fish Finger Mascot
Muller Cow Mascot
Hillingdon Fostering
Go Warm Sun Costume
nicorette cigarette costume
ulster black hippo
potato character
gorilla costume
National No
Smoking Day
Cadburys Gorilla Costume
dark predator costume
human character costume
giant rat outfit
mosquito education costume
Predator Mascot
Recycle Micheal
Keep Britain Tidy
Giant Rat
National Malaria Campaign
febreeze football boot
light bulb
PC and PCSO's
Light Bulb
PC and PCSO's
mika world tour puppet
panto elephant costume
Mika 'World Tour'
Day of the Dead Puppet
Around the World in 80 Days
litter mascot costumes

litter product costumes
Keep Britain Tidy - Apple Core, Chicken Box, 'Butts' Cigarette Packet, 'Debris' Choc Bar,
Trodden Chewing Gum, Crumpled Can, Old Crisp Packet, Half Eaten Banana, Cigarette End, Munched Burger.
BFG Giants on Stage

Breaky Costume
BFG Giants on Stage
Breaky Costume
Benefit Perfume Bottles
Benefit Purfume Bottles
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